Microsoft Surface Multi-touch Screen Piloting AR Drone

Microsoft Surface Multi-touch Screen Piloting AR Drone at UMass Lowell Robotics Lab (  This AR Drone is flown using the Dynamically Resizing Ergonomic and Multi-touch (DREAM) controller on the Microsoft Surface. The DREAM controller spawns when one or both hands are placed down, conforming to your hand size and position.

I WANT ONE !!!!!


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2 Responses to Microsoft Surface Multi-touch Screen Piloting AR Drone

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    • Thanks for the comment.

      That NEC looks like a nice screen. But I translated the page, and watched the video and they both said that the screen has multi touch at two points detected via infra-red, and is running under ordinary (breakable glass). In the video when they show them doing two point multi touch it did not look very responsive.

      The Microsoft Surface screens have multi touch at 50 simultaneous points, with fast responsive action to touch. The pixels have cameras in them that can detect and recognise what is being seen by them. The glass used on them is Gorilla Glass making them very resisting to braking.

      I had a quick Google and Bing search about Microsoft using these screen instead of Surface screens in their shows room, guess it’s possible as they are probably cheaper than A Surface screen system, but the only reference I can find keeps pointing back to video you showed me, or sites talking about this video so I am not so sure. Besides surly MS showrooms would get a deal for the surface screens, and I know Surface 1 system is already used in at least one Microsoft showroom.

      Can you point to a link that shows Microsoft using a NEC screen instead of a Surface screen?

      HOT or NOT, well I think the NEC screen is cool (no pun), but I think it is currently nowhere near as good the Surface 2 screen system.


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