New Xbox LIVE UI and Bing demo


The Xbox dashboard will be upgraded in the fall to include a new live TV option, Bing search and a brand new user interface. The interface mirrors Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 UI and will include live tiles throughout. Perhaps the biggest improvement is the introduction of Kinect functionality across the dashboard. Kinect users can simply use their voice to search for things on their Xbox or in the cloud. “You say it, Xbox finds it” is the way Microsoft describes its Bing integration.

Craig Davison, Xbox LIVE Director of Marketing, demonstrated the functionality on Wednesday in a video posted to Microsoft’s YouTube channel. “We’re bringing in the intelligence of Bing into the search process” says Davison. The demo shows off Bing Search on Xbox and a peak at the new user interface for the Xbox. Bing on Xbox will initially be available in English in the United States, Canada and United Kingdom. Microsoft says it’s committed to bringing voice search to as many languages as possible in the future.


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