Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit takes down the Kelihos bot net (aka Waledac 2.0)

Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit takes down the Kelihos bot net, also known as Waledac 2.0.

In an operation codenamed “Operation b79” using similar legal and technical measures that resulted in previous successful botnet takedowns, the Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit has taken down the Kelihos botnet (aka Waledec 2.0).

To read a full report on the click here

This takedown will be the first time Microsoft has named a defendant in one of its civil cases involving a botnet and as of approximately 8:15 a.m. Central Europe time on September the 26th 2011, the defendants were personally notified of the action.

The Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit states that the taking down of botnets requires a collaborative effort and no single organization can do it alone.

The propagators of botnets are nothing to do with freedom fighters, defenders of liberty, free speech, or free internet; they have a singular and absolute financial goal through criminal means. In some cases they may be be funded by more traditional terrorist groups seeing to cause destabilization or seeking financial gain to further their cause.

Its grate the see responsible companies like Microsoft are working with other organizations to help keep the internet safe, and in so doing the real world safe.


About Joseph Leon Hall
I am a Systems Administrator, Network Engineer and Senior Technical Support Analyst and Microsoft evangelist. I spend my work time looking after networks, servers, desktops, laptops, and people. You ask wy people? That’s because in any network people matter. ”I am a PC! I am NOT a Mac nor a I a Chrome”

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