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I just took a look at Facebook’s new Timeline. I am mostly ok with it. but I do have one gripe.

Your friends can be set so that only you can see them. For my money I like that, it means that if I accidentally ok someone as a friend, and they turn out to be someone looking to harvest my friends list for spam etc., then it does not matter and they cannot see my friends.

But when I set my friends to only me, then myself, plus those friends in common can see each other. I think on the whole it’s a minor risk, and an irritation, but I DO NOT LIKE IT. I think “only me”, should me only me!

If you don’t like the new timeline then you can remove it. You just need to remove permission for the Facebook Time Line. To do that just click on this link.

On balance I will keep it for now and see how I get on with it.

Let me know what you think of Timeline?

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