Angry Birds comes to the PC . WHY? WTF !!!!

Angry Birds
Image via Wikipedia

OK GAMERS .. BIG NEWS, Angry Birds comes to the PC.

Yes, that’s all, sorry I lied, but I least I did not code a joke like this, and then try to sell it as a game. I know where seem to be lots of people who are willing to go to see Angry Birds movie, and have angry birds soft ties, but hey, I am sorry, sorry for you that is. But it takes

The game (if it can be called that) needs 512 MB ram, 1 GHz CPU, and crappy open GL 1.3 plus an internet connection. So it should not stretch even OLD pc too much, All this you get for $4.95, but I think a firer price would be them paying you the same amount for wasting your hard drive space, and eating away your mind.

Let me know why you would pay for this shining … thing?



About Joseph Leon Hall
I am a Systems Administrator, Network Engineer and Senior Technical Support Analyst and Microsoft evangelist. I spend my work time looking after networks, servers, desktops, laptops, and people. You ask wy people? That’s because in any network people matter. ”I am a PC! I am NOT a Mac nor a I a Chrome”

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