Channel 9 takes a look at Windows 8 Slate Running on ARM Processor

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Image via CrunchBase

The guys from Channel 9 have done a report showing Windows 8 running on a slate form factor.

Click here to see Channel 9’s report on Windows 8 on ARM slate (Ipad KILLER) devices.

Micrsoft have be criticised for not showing Windows 8 an an ARM system. Roger Gulrajani from the Windows Hardware Ecosystem group shows Channel 9 a Qualcomm Snapdragon reference device that uses an ARM processor.

This is another example of the just ONE of the types of machines that will be running Windows 8.

I never wanted an Ipad, but I NEED, WANT, I CRAVE, and I WILL HAVE one of babes.


Windows Server 8 – A Cloud OS?

Check out the blog by Jason Perlow and Scott Raymond over at CNET called “Windows Server 8: The Ultimate Cloud OS?”

Check you the Windows Server 8 Download at Windows Server 8 Developer Preview.

I remember when I first installed Windows Server NT3.5, but the eyes of an engineer are faithless and ever looking forward. Along came NT4, then Serer 2000, and after that a thoroughbred Server 2003, and then the great Server 2008, and a pretty cool Server 2008 R2.

But I have seen Server 8 running, and seen the vids. This is a new bread, and sleep great beast of an OS.

I am afraid I may not get to work on it, what I do at work now hase little to do with servers. Just like Windows 8, I think this is a game changer. I think it’s the BEST sever yet, full stop, end of, nothing better, well, at least until MS release Server 9!

Windows 8 on a development rig shown of at D6 + a look at some new windows 8 laptops

Three years after unveiling Windows 7 at D6, Microsoft Windows President Steven Sinofsky is back to show off a new version of Windows that’s responsive to the growing popularity of tablet PCs and the advent of the cloud.

Windows 8 has two User Interfaces, one for Tablet and Windows Phone and a more traditional mouse and keyboard type user interface for one you’re working on a PC, although the tablet interface could still be used on the pc if preferred (keyboard and mouse for me).

The video a starts of making it look like there is only one interface, but first part of the video looks at the Tablet/Phone user interface, and the second part of the video looks at the PC user interface, and some nice looking windows 8 laptops.

NOTE: The box on the table is NOT A SLATE PC OR A TABLET, it’s a development rig. Basically this is just an off the shelf second generation core PC used for development testing.