Cool looking Nav 9 Slate PC from Netbook Navigator, is it just to late?

Check out Netbook Navigator’s slate pc the Nav 9. It looks pretty great, but I have just spent the last four days drinking the Super Awesome Sauce of Windows 8.

Don’t get me wrong, I realy realy realy realy like the look of Nav 9, and I had some free cash now I would love to get one. But the cold thinking side of my brains tell me “HALT “, just think what it would be like with Windows 8?

I might just get one anyways!

What you think?


Windows Server 8 – A Cloud OS?

Check out the blog by Jason Perlow and Scott Raymond over at CNET called “Windows Server 8: The Ultimate Cloud OS?”

Check you the Windows Server 8 Download at Windows Server 8 Developer Preview.

I remember when I first installed Windows Server NT3.5, but the eyes of an engineer are faithless and ever looking forward. Along came NT4, then Serer 2000, and after that a thoroughbred Server 2003, and then the great Server 2008, and a pretty cool Server 2008 R2.

But I have seen Server 8 running, and seen the vids. This is a new bread, and sleep great beast of an OS.

I am afraid I may not get to work on it, what I do at work now hase little to do with servers. Just like Windows 8, I think this is a game changer. I think it’s the BEST sever yet, full stop, end of, nothing better, well, at least until MS release Server 9!