Windows Phone Mango overview: Asian language input

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WP7 Mango business features – email conversation view on tap

WINRUMORS reports on business features for Mango, email conversation view on tap.

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Windows Phone Mango Bing Audio and Vision Updates

The Start screen of Windows Phone 7
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Once again WINRUMORS brings a great video of some of the NEW stuff being baked into the MANGO update.

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Don’t forget we still have the Windows Phone Apollo update to come (Windows Phone 8). Bing Audio and Vision allow users to simply scan items such as books, CDs or DVDs and have Bing confirm the product, online pricing and reviews.

The Bing Vision piece will even allow you to scan product barcodes to locate groceries and other items online. Although many of the features are available in rival platforms and separate applications, Microsoft’s tight integration into the core of the operating system means that the every Windows Phone user will get the new features.

Microsoft has also built-in Bing Audio. Similar to Shazam, the service will allow you to locate music that is playing in the background or on the radio. Microsoft takes this one step further though. Through its deep Zune integration, Windows Phone Mango users can simply search for background music and then have it streamed to the device via Zune pass, within seconds. The feature is stunning considering it’s a part of the core operating system.

Microsoft’s final piece of Bing Vision is the translation and OCR features. Bing Vision can read a bunch of text from a book and then convert it into several different languages in an augmented reality style.

It’s true that Iphone and Ipad have an app for this, but this will be BAKED into the phone itself.

Happy Mango month to all WP7 users.


Windows Phone 7.5 Mango feature list and Demo

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Windows Phone Mango feature demos

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I want some of that Mango juice in my windows phone 7.